The need to snack

Generally, I feel extremely good and very content on this LCHF lifestyle. However, there is this little thing that I just wanted to talk to you about, to bring up to the surface, so to speak…. I am very rarely hungry. I also very rarely feel full. I realized a long time ago that my…

LCHF stress- cartoon

LCHF – Chromium supplement to curb cravings

Earlier this week, I stumbled over a piece of information that I found extremely interesting and therefore decided to investigate right away. I came into contact with a personal trainer who said that chromium supplements curb sugar cravings. He said it kind of “matter of factly” – but to me it was news and something…


Awesome video

I just saw a link to this video on – and it is so awesome I had to share. Adding a little humor into the message has never hurt anyone…… Watch it here


Carb-Loaded – A culture dying to eat

A movie to watch There is a brand new movie out about the impact on us of our high consumption of sugar and other carbohydrates. The film is made by a couple of guys who originally started the project because one of them, Lathe, got diagnosed with Diabetes 2 and once he figured out how…