Fried Egg Toast

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Pernille Bjerring


Growing up, my mom often made a sandwich for me that she called a “Parisian Toast”. This was basically a very fancy name for a hot sandwich with ham and cheese in between two slices of bread! I loved it as do my two daughters today – and most any other child or grown-up, I know. Just recently, I have started to make a LCHF variation of the sandwich, using fried eggs instead of the bread. It has, without competition whatsoever, become my husband’s favorite LCHF breakfast – the one he always asks for on days, when he has a little more than 2 minutes to spend on his breakfast…

Fried Egg Toast

1 serving

2 M/L eggs

1-2 slices of cooked ham

1-2 slices of cheese (I use Havarti, if I have it – it melts in such a delicious way because of the high fat content)

Butter or coconut oil for frying

Grape tomatoes

In a pan, fry two eggs on one side. Place ham and cheese on top of one egg and flip the other egg on top of the ham/cheese. Leave in pan for a minute then flip over. Make sure the cheese has melted before serving. Cut some grape tomatoes and fry them with a little salt and pepper, to complement the meal.

The possible variations to this breakfast are endless. I have tried the toast with bacon, cheese and chicken breast – it was to die for! And you can easily use spinach, cucumbers, peppers or any other kind of green instead of the tomatoes

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