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Pernille Bjerring

LCHF chicken with brie and pesto

Who doesn’t love a succulent, crunchy chicken dinner with flavoring from runny brie cheese, pesto and bacon? Generally, I find chicken breasts to be somewhat dry and tasteless – a typical “health food” from my days of being afraid of fat! The dryer and leaner the better……A chicken breast can, however, with a bit of dressing up, turn into the most delicious high fat low carb dinner. For this particular meal, I served it with butter fried fennel – but any kind of LCHF side or a delicious salad would be suitable.

LCHF Chicken breast with pesto, brie and bacon

2 servings

2 chicken breasts

Pesto – homemade or store bought (check ingredients)

Brie cheese

6 slices of bacon

Salt & pepper

1 fennel bulb, cleaned and cut into rings

Pat the chicken breasts dry and use a sharp knife to cut them lengthwise ALMOST all the way through. Open them up and spread pesto on the top and bottom. Place 3 – 4 (depending on size) slices of brie on the bottom part and close the top over it – similar to what is done with ham and cheese when making chicken Cordon Bleu. Use the bacon slices to wrap around the breasts. Fry the breasts in a pan with a little bit of butter, olive oil or coconut oil, medium heat. Make sure to turn them over frequently so they don’t burn – but the bacon should crisp up. Total cooking time approximately 20 minutes, dependent on the size of the chicken breasts.

In another pan, fry the fennel “rings” in plenty of butter, adding salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!

LCHF Chicken breast and fennel

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