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Pernille Bjerring


First, I am sorry that it has been a little silent on the blog for a while. I was fortunate enough to go to very good friends for Thanksgiving – and what a feast! Thanksgiving is really very adaptable, if you put just a little thought into your choices. I have to admit, though, that I could not resist the best homemade white rolls on this planet…..I had to taste just “a little bit” (I ended up eating three, but they were so worth it). I am lucky to be able to stomach a sudden high intake of wheat and carbs without any adverse effects – or maybe not, maybe it would be “easier” to stay away if I knew that I was going to be feeling bad after? My only suffering was on the scales but that is bad enough.

Anyway, another very good friend of mine suggested a chicken recipe that was supposed to make the chicken unusually tender and delicious – and very well suited for LCHF. Originally intended for rabbit, the recipe is very simple and calls for little more than chicken, dijon mustard, cream, butter and oil. Eager to try this, I made the chicken dish last night with sides of green bean fries and broccoli. And I tell you, BEST LCHF CHICKEN DISH EVER!

Apologies for the creativity and quality of the pictures – we were so hungry after having been out all day that all I could do was to snap a fast picture with my phone. I hope you won’t judge this best-ever LCHF chicken by the picture:-)

LCHF Dijon Chicken

About 4 servings

1 whole chicken (you can just as well use different pieces of chicken)

Dijon mustard


Olive oil

1 cup heavy whipping cream

Cut the chicken into pieces, not too large. A chicken should yield approximately 10 pieces. Remove the skin and as much bone as you easily can. If you prefer, the skin can stay on but it won’t stay crisp. Smother the chicken with Dijon mustard. The final dish is not going to be spicy or have a distinct taste of Dijon, if that is a concern. Heat plenty of butter and oil in a suitable skillet or pot, one that has a lid. I used a pan with high sides and a glass lid. Brown the chicken on all sides, turn down the heat and let cook with lid on til tender. I gave mine approximately 45 minutes. Once the chicken is done, turn op the heat and add the cream. Cook long enough for it to just start to thicken. If necessary, salt and pepper can be added but my dish had no need for either. Serve with a side of broccoli and maybe also some green bean fries (frozen green beans with olive oil and salt baked in the oven for 35-40 minutes until crispy). A green salad would also be a delicious pairing. And get ready to taste the best sauce ever! Enjoy!

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