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Valuable links to the world of LCHF

There is a multitude of resources to support and inspire the LCHF way of eating – and of losing weight! I have tried to list those that I find inspirational or particularly helpful – but feel free to suggest any and all resources that you feel should make the list!

Naturally, I access both English and Scandinavian sites. Some of the Scandinavian sites will have a translate option. I have tried my best to sort them below – but please don’t kill me if I get one wrong! Also, if you see a particularly delicious recipe on a Scandinavian site, you can always ask me to translate it – I might just be in a good mood;-)

Blogs in English

Dietdoctor – the original source, the Swedish blog – in English – that details the LCHF lifestyle

Livin La Vida Low-carb – Jimmy Moore provides videos, blog posts and links to many more websites. All related to his impressive journey with low-carb living.

Ketogenic Woman – very versatile blog with both good recipes and plenty of information.

Kitchen by K – Danish guy, very active LCHF blogger and food creator. Most of the blog is in Danish but it is in the process of being translated into English – and the link is for the English section.

The LCHF Club! – British/Swedish world citizen writes compellingly about LCHF and publishes delicious recipes

Gary Taubes – the author of “Why We Get Fat” and Good Calories, Bad Calories” blogs about the science

Dr. Eades – not strictly LCHF but a very valuable resource to information about the health and medical background of low-carb living

Blogs in Scandinavian (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic)

Madbanditten – in many ways the originator of LCHF in Denmark. Jane Faerber (blogger) was among the very first to propagate a LCHF WOE in Denmark, she is an avid blogger, and she has successfully published 3 cookbooks with a fourth underway.

CDJetteDCS – large recipe library. Site has a Google translate option – that, in itself, is worth the visit. Some of the translations are hilarious, even if you don’t understand the original text.

You lose some you win more – very active blogger. No translate option (yet)

LCHF – Fedt! – Johanne is an inspiring LCHF blogger who is also very active on Facebook, including the international LCHF groups. She translates some of her recipes for Facebook, maybe she is also planning to keep English recipes on her blog?

Rav Food – a multitude of delicious and inspiring recipes from the Rav family (yes, it is their last name). In Danish but with the option to use Google translate!

Krista – the Icelandic equivalent to Madbanditten, Krista has been a key influencer on the Icelandic LCHF scene. Delicious recipes and a very health-conscious approach.

Shopping resources

iHerb – huge variety, good prices

Vitacost – frequent offers, good source for specialty products and supplements – nuts and nut flours. Fair prices and packaging to boost your mood

Please see my disclaimer – I am not affiliated with any of the above resources and I do not receive any kind of monetary consideration from linking to these sites.