The need to snack

Pernille Bjerring


Generally, I feel extremely good and very content on this LCHF lifestyle. However, there is this little thing that I just wanted to talk to you about, to bring up to the surface, so to speak….

I am very rarely hungry. I also very rarely feel full. I realized a long time ago that my natural mechanism is for some reason not fully functional. It has it advantages. For example, if I am very busy doing something that I enjoy – shopping would be a perfect example – I don’t have to stop to get something to eat, the thought just never crosses my mind! My husband, on the other hand, will turn into an angry monster if he is not fed regularly – one reason not to include him on exhaustive shopping trips. On the flip side, though, I can eat almost embarrassing portions of foods that I like, just because I like it. And – to get to the theme of this blog post – I have this uncontrollable urge to snack in the evenings. Why in the evenings, more than any other time of day? I really don’t know…..I can easily get up and start my day and not even think about food until maybe 2 or 3 pm. At that point, I will typically eat something and it will normally keep me satisfied for 3 to 4 hours. Dinner is a big family deal at our house and most days I will cook a full meal for the whole family to sit down and eat together. The only thing is that as soon as dinner is over, my mind starts obsessing about which snack to eat with my evening tea or coffee. How much or how little food – or how much fat/protein – I eat for dinner has absolutely no impact on this. My body is craving something and I can experience something that resembles pure unhappiness if I try to deny it. Maybe, just maybe, it has to do with a transition from being active during the day to being more inactive at night? Anyway, by now it has become such an ingrown habit that it is very difficult to change and I have settled on finding snacks that are acceptable and will satisfy the craving with just a little bit. One or two squares of a very dark chocolate will normally do it – or the chocolate/coconut oil treats that are similar to the “ice chocolates” I had as a child. These treats are very filling, so easy to make and can be made with all sorts of add-ons such as nuts, freeze-dried berries or ? And best of all – they will satisfy the snack monster……

LCHF Ice Chocolate Treats

3.5 oz dark chocolate (Lindt 70% or 86%)

1.75 oz good coconut oil (whether it is with or without the coconut taste is a matter of personal preference – I like both!)

1 T sweetener of choice ( I use Sukrin Gold)

Melt the ingredients in a bowl over steam from boiling water – or use your microwave. Pour the liquid into your desired mold and leave to cool in the fridge. Keep in fridge until ready to devour.

I will get 6 fairly good sized chocolates from this recipe – and one (1!) is enough to completely satisfy my snack monster. Enjoy!

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